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SARbot Products


The SARbot ROV is a highly capable, low-cost Search and Recovery Robotic System perfect for searching, locating, and identifying submerged targets in a marine environment. The SARbot is equipped to operate in low to zero visibility conditions, recover targets and work with unlimited search time. 

  • 8 Thruster Vectored, 6 Axis Motion, 3 Axis Stabilized

  • Multibeam Imaging Sonar Ready

  • 6000 Lumens of LED Lighting

  • Interlocking Gripper

  • Tether Disconnect

  • Internal Ethernet Hub for Additional Accessories


Surface Power Console
Model 3

The SPC III combines power with controllability utilizing the latest in technology. It allows the operator to safely take power from ship or shore and send it down to a remote-operated vehicle, giving endless mission time. Packed with a powerful onboard computer and 1600 NIT screen, the operator also has full controllability of the system; making it an all-in-one solution at an affordable price. Hybrid Robotics has partnered with BlueLink, LLC for distribution.  

Vehicle Power Supply

Our vehicle power supply (VPS) is made for the SARbot and other ROVs rated up to 300m. It converts the high voltage output from the SPC down to a lower voltage for use onboard the ROV.     

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slip ring.png

High Power Slip Ring

Hybrid Robotics high-power slip ring and assembly is designed for the marine work environment. Designed as a drop-in replacement for Blue Robotics fathom spools and can be easily mounted with provided hardware kit.  

  • 6061 Hard Anodized Class III (Black)

  • Power Leads 

    • (2) 400V, 10A, 17AWG

  • Signal Leads 

    • (6) 2A, 26AWG

  • Suburban Marine Baromax Connectors (8P)

  • Dynamic seal and connectors exceed IP 68 standards.

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