Hybrid Robotics, Inc designs and manufactures marine robotic solutions for research and inspections.

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Our goal is to provide the unmanned industry with reliable robotic solutions. With our products and services, we empower our customers to collect both subsea and aerial data. Over the past few years, Hybrid Robotics has been in development of a hybrid system that encompasses the best of both unmanned marine and aerial technologies. The Catalina UHS-1 gives customers the capability to do offshore inspections and research without being on the water.

Matt Goddard
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Founder / President

Matt Goddard is a former combat engineer in the U.S Marine Corps. He studied Unmanned Aerial Systems at Northwestern Michigan College and has over 8 years’ experience in the UAS industry. Matt plays an instrumental role in the vision and development of Hybrid Robotics.

Aaron Bottke
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Founder / Head of R&D

Aaron has more than five years of experience in electrical and mechanical system design. He is working towards Northwestern Michigan College’s Marine Technology bachelor program. Aaron is the lead research and development officer at Hybrid Robotics.

Ryan Mater
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Founder / Operations Mgt

Coming from a long RC background, Ryan has over 12 years of experience with remote controlled vehicles. He has a degree in Unmanned Aerial Systems from Northwestern Michigan College and is a fully licensed UAS pilot. Ryan is the chief UAS expert for Hybrid Robotics and oversees all aerial operations.




Hybrid Robotics was founded in 2018 by founders, Matthew Goddard, Ryan Mater, and Aaron Bottke. With less than $1000.00 in their budget and a six-week deadline, the first prototype was born. Over the next year, Hybrid expanded its team, relocated to a new facility, and developed the prototype now known as the Catalina UHS. 

First test of our original prototype - 2018



Hybrid Robotics is committed to giving back to the communities that support us. To do this, we published our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy in the Spring of 2021. We are excited to work with local partners, such as Northern Michigan College, and developing new relationships to serve the local and global community.